Live in the DFW Area? We will deliver your fully assembled ebike to you!

Live in the Colorado Springs area? We have a partner that can assemble your new E-bike for you.

Cyclone Electric Bikes sells Aimatech, Magnum, Lectric, Euphree, Troxus, Velotric, Mokwheel, AddMotor, Flyer, BigSur, Magicycle, E-bikes and has many more brands available as well.

Cyclone also has a full line up of E-bike accessories. 

Mobile E-Bike Repair Service, Bike Delivery, Onsite E-Bike Demos

Local delivery available in the DFW metroplex and some surrounding areas on assembled bikes, includes customer fitment adjustments.

Please call Chris to schedule a demo appointment at 903-776-9942. (This is for your sake in case we are out on a call.) Most of the time, immediate appointments are available. All Texas test rides are done at our main location at:

Cyclone Electric Bikes

4046 County Road 1125 Farmersville, TX 75442
We have the largest selection in DFW of E-bikes ready to ride and take home today!

In Colorado? Don’t want to give all your personal information to the government just to save a few dollars on an E-bike? Most bike stores have added a premium to the price of the bike to cover the rebate. Based in Texas, we can ship to Colorado (no sales tax). We have a few brands of bikes with reasonable shipping options. We will drop ship free to your home or to our partner in Monument Colorado where you can have your bike assembled and pick up in person ready to ride. Our partner will be available for after sale service on bike sold by Cyclone.

To see a small sample of what we sell, visit our showroom located inside of Crumpton TV:

8602 Wesley Street Greenville,TX 75402

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Cruiser Ebikes

Cruiser | Fat Tire | Touring | Mountain | Cargo | All Road I... 

Folding Bike

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  • Cyclone E-bike Test Ride Fleet

    We are now offering home delivery and mobile service of E-Bikes. We have plenty of electric bikes in stock ready to deliver. We also sell Hollywood Racks, and E-bike accessories.

    Call to schedule a test ride or delivery today. 903-776-9942