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Arclight Light Modules & Mounts

Arclight Light Modules & Mounts

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Arclight Light Modules & Mounts

The Arclight Multi-Mount is a versatile mount that allows you to mount one (included) Arclight light module to either the front or rear of your bicycle to increase your visibility on the road - or get creative and mount it to your helmet, bag or any accessory! The Light Module is customizable to shine white or red depending on if the mount is facing forward or rearwards. 

The Arclight Bike MultiMount allows you to mount an Arclight light module rear or forward facing. With AUTO Color Set technology (based on the mount configuration) and AUTO On/Off function, this just might be the smartest and most intuitive you have ever used! Powerful LEDs and a long lasting rechargeable battery will keep you visible and safe even on your longest ride.


• AUTO ON/OFF - The lights turn on automatically when you start riding, and turn off automatically when you park your bike
• AUTO Color Set - Mounts are configurable for rear-light mode and front-light mode, so white is always forward, and red is always rear
• USB Rechargeable - The Arclight Modules have a built-in USB plug, allowing you to charge the Light Module with any standard USB charger 
• Weatherproof - IP64 rating means these bike lights will stand up to the toughest conditions, keeping you safe and visible rain or shine
• 36+ Hr Runtime - Long lasting lithium ion battery provides 36+ hours or runtime when using Eco-Flash mode


 Compatibility - Mount attaches to any location on your bike, helmet, bag, etc.
• LEDs - High Powered Dual-Color COB LED Strip
• Run-Time - 36+ hrs in Eco-Flash mode, 11+ hrs in Flash mode, and 3+ hrs in Steady mode

What's in the Box:

• 1 x Arclight Light Module
• 1 x Multi-Mount

Materials  Durable ABS Plastic

Multi Mount: ~15g

Light Module: ~30 grams

LEDs High Power Dual-Color COB LED Strip

Eco Flash: 36+hrs

Flash: 11+hrs

Steady: 3+hrs

Charge-Time ~2hrs for full charge
Compatability Fits standard bicycle frame tubes from 25mm-35mm. Will also fit many helmets.
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