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Sena M1 EVO Smart Mountain Bike Helmet

Sena M1 EVO Smart Mountain Bike Helmet

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Mountain Bike Helmet featuring Mesh Intercom communication network. Connect to the network with the press of a button and communicate with an unlimited number of people utilizing Mesh within range of your helmet. *Not compatible with the M1 Smart Mountain Bike Helmet.


Join. Unite. Link.

The M1 EVO Mountain Bike Helmet brings wireless and seamless communication audio to the trails. Sena’s proven communication tech breaks barriers, creating a shared riding experience. Talk to each other. Make phone calls. Jam to your music. The M1 EVO makes sure you #RideConnected.

  • The M1 EVO Mesh Intercom™ platform allows communication with multiple riders within a half-mile (900 meters) range and incorporates up to 9 channels
  • An integrated microphone tucked inside the brow of the helmet
  • Recessed speakers deliver your audio while maintaining ambient awareness
  • Connect to your smartphone with Bluetooth ® 4.1 and for music, GPS directions, phone calls, and more.
  • Manage functions with the three-button control layout on the helmet or through Voice Commands


The built-in speakers are fully integrated and recessed above your ears, meaning no obtrusive headphones – this open-ear design allows awareness of your surroundings on the trail even as you listen to your music or chat with friends. The integrated microphone features Sena’s patented Advanced Noise Control™ technology, reducing unwanted wind noise.


"Mesh Intercom™ makes conversations with fellow riders a cinch. This communication network lets users easily connect to a near-unlimited number of users without needing to pair each device! You can communicate hands-free with other Mesh users within a half-mile (900 meters) range of you. Want to chat with a different group of riders? A multi-channel protocol built into Mesh features 9 channels, letting you switch between different groups on different frequencies. Have a conversation with your family, friends, or whoever is pedaling with an M1 EVO nearby – all that’s needed is a simple tap of a button to connect!

*Note: The M1 EVO Mesh Intercom Helmet is not compatible with the M1 Bluetooth Intercom Helmet

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